Miscellaneous paint, etchings, pencil, photo paintings, and some very old paint from my college days. I’d like to do that again. Check the Sketchbook category for more furniture related work, and the CAD Drawings too.

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Great Stuff
Sawdust Coast
Coming Home-Backlit
Coming Home 2
Goat Island- Oahu
Stormy Sunday
Sketchbook Incident
Fire-Detail-Black Hole
Ego Dog
Ego Dog-Detail
Green Mohawk
Cat Mountain
Cumulus Cerebellum
Reta's Oval
FAB Table
FAB Table 3/4 View
Big Z
Table Base
Attilla Table
Minos Version 2
Italian Legs
Accazia's Small Dining Table
Shepherd Church Altar
Navarro Ford Tables
Tinker TV Tray
Tinker TV Tray 2
Navarro Nightstand
St. Albert's Altar
Drum Nightstand
Besson Table-End View
Besson Table-Side View
Jacobs Table
Moorhead Table
Navarro Table
Ruhlman Table
Eisensee Table
Library Table
Weatherford Table
Darth 2
Dean's Chair-3/4 View
Sunny's Sofa
Senate Chairs
Chair and a Half
Governor's Chair
Governor's Chair-Rotary
Blue Bench-Accazia
Mahogany Bench
Capitol Benches
Little Bench
Little Bench-Detail
Mahogany Doors
Dog Bed-Mara
Dog Bed
Pencil Bed
Virus Vase
Ruhl Music Stand
Rick's Frame
Spiral Stairs.
Navarro Cupboard
Hanging Candle
Hanging Candle-Detail
Screen Job
Shepherd Pulpit
Shepherd Font.
Student Easels
Anne's Little Cabinet
Caroline Nighstand
Beth Outdoor Table
Kitchen Layout
Sofa Table Variants
TV Antenna
TV Antenna
Wireless TV
Runway Lights
Tara's Boxes
12' Miter Fold
Box Jig
Tara's Boxes-Installed
Lawrence Hunter Clock
Lawrence Hunter Clock-Gears
Clock Parts
Clock Weight
Max Cabinet Alone X2
Greenwood-Long Shot
Greenwood Shell
Greenwood Shell-Carving
Greenwood Cartouche
Little Bench-Detail
Hanging Candle-Detail
Neubauer End Table
Door Handles
Reta's Oval-Detail
Breedlove Credenza-Detail
Sunny's Sofa-Detail
Shepherd Pulpit-Detail
Wynn TV-Detail
Ric's Screen-Detail
Mickey 2-Detail
Hood Jewelry Box-Detail
Greenwood Shell
Orange Credenza
Peterson Oval- Detail
Cherry Bed, Headboard Carving
Cherry Bed Footboard Carving
Warchest Detail
Hood Jewelry Box
Peterson Oval
Wynn Tansu
Breedlove Credenza
Breedlove Credenza-3/4 View
Navarro Entertainment Center
Loftis Office
Dr. Wilder
Dr. Wilder-3/4 View
Hood Jewelry Box
Tall Case-State Capital
Wynn TV
Red Case
Orange Credenza
Attila Credenza
Peterson Oval
Hendricks Hutch
Drum Nightstand
JJ's Kitchen
Knight Box
Mickey 1
Mickey 2
Maddry Credenza
Warchest Detail
Oak Project Organizers
Dahm Office Cabinets
Micro Bac Conference Table
Darth 2
BPA Projector
BPA Ceiling
Loftis Office
Adams Office
Capital Rotunda Screen
Governor's Chair
Tall Case-State Capital
Mara applying oil finish.
Lawrence Hunter Clock
Lawrence Hunter Clock-Gears
Clock Parts
Clock Weight
Router set up to mill joint.
Clamps, weights, and bands.
Color Match.
Wilder Repair- Installed.
Library Ladder/Luminare
Sofa With Modular Backs
Governor's Office-Legs Variants.
Seahorse for Esther's Follies.
Hair Pulls.
Zig Zag Cabinet.
Tinkertoy Desk Lamp.
Tinkertoy Ceiling Lamp.
Tinker Touchiere
Alien Leg.
Baptismal Font
St. Mary's
St. Mary's Cathedral
St. Mary's Cathedral
St. Albert's Altar
St. Albert's Altar Top
St. Albert's Ambo
Altar and Ambo Installed
St. Albert's Ambo-Installed
Shepherd Church Altar
Shepherd Pulpit
Shepherd Font.
Ebeneezer Baptist Church

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